Enjoy Freedom To Design Your Solitaire Engagement Rings

Everyone has his/her own personal tastes and style in all things from eating to dressing. Obviously, jewellery you wear is the most integral aspect then. So, why not to get that jewellery of your mind in reality? Yes, at Classic Solitaire Ring store, we respect your personal choices and preferences offering facility to design your own solitaire diamond ring. One of the easiest ways is to build your own ring where you can choose appropriate setting, diamond of your choice.However, this facility may be a limited freedom for those who want to design their own ring. If you are one of them, find the most exciting way to design your diamond solitaire engagement rings here.

Be sure, Classic Solitaire Ring store provides a wide variety of diamonds and precious metals to make your solitaire rings special and unique. There are endless combinations and varieties to choose for your rings and enhance their beauty. In fact, our jewellery consultants and experts guide you all the way to make your solitaire engagement rings more exclusive and gorgeous.

You will find thousands of diamonds of different colors, shapes, cuts and clarities. Are you new buyer? Do not worry. our education center will provide all information about diamond grading and our knowledgeable experts will advice you to buy perfect diamond for your solitaire rings.

Make Your Ring

You can be jewellery designer of your solitaire engagement rings. Do not fear, as you do not have any prior knowledge or experience in jewellery designing. The only need is to have great desire to design your ring and some special design or pattern clues wandering in your mind. The advanced computer aided design software made it possible to design jewellery of your choice. Let's know how this process goes smoothly –

  • First, you have to send photo, image or sketch to our jewellery consultants and experts through mail or fax. You can simply communicate on phone too. Once they understood your views and ideas, they begin their work.
  • You will get fine drawing of solitaire diamond ring as you suggested and want. You may suggest some changes in the design before approval.
  • After the design is approved, we start for making 3-D wax model. These models are prepared using rapid prototyping machines with latest technologies like wax-jet, laser formation. We take care to reflect all your features in mind in this model. This model gives idea about the final piece of jewellery and its look.
  • Finally, exact replica of wax model is prepared by using precious metals and diamonds you choose.

Now, you will realize that how it is easy and wonderful to design your own rings and give your partner a big surprise.
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I'm in love with your diamond rings... You are the best by far from all the other ones I've seen on eBay!

Thanks you for all your help with the shopping.
- Amber
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