Solitaire Diamond Ring – Perfect Choice To Express Your Love

Can you imagine the engagement ceremony or wedding ceremony without a ring? It is impossible. From ancient times, engagement rings have special sentimental values of love and commitment for lifetime. That is why; every one going to engage or marry wants to have special and unique rings. Solitaire rings are popular for long time. The specialty of solitaire rings is their center diamond piece. These rings enhance beauty of prominent center diamond. In the large variety of precious jewellery materials, diamonds rule as symbol of love and their eternal beauty. Solitaire engagement rings enhance the beauty of diamond by placing it on top and prominent position.

Features Of Solitaire Rings

When you think of solitaire rings, it is ring with single diamond rather than cluster of diamonds. Typically, there is only one diamond without any other stones. Nowadays, Solitaire rings can have other gemstones like ruby, emerald or sapphire. There are many choices to select sparkling diamond and ring setting. The engagement rings account almost thirty percent of total jewellery sales. Classic solitaire engagement rings are most popular alternative of the buyers. These rings come in all shapes and sizes from regular round, square to rectangles. You can choose from variety of settings available for solitaire rings.Even some solitaire rings come with decorative settings or with small diamonds in it. However, simple setting along with brightly sparkling diamond ring has its own beauty, which is unmatched with other solitaire rings. Instead of emphasizing on choosing setting, you can focus on choosing the most gorgeous and eye-catching diamond to make it unique.
Make Your Ring

How To Make Your Solitaire Diamond Ring Unique?

Even if solitaire rings are popular from long time, it is difficult to find similar rings. There are plenty of alternatives to choose diamonds as well as settings for your diamond solitaire engagement rings. While choosing setting for these rings, you have to remember its most important feature of highlighting diamond's beauty. The setting should not overpower diamonds look. It should enhance beauty of diamond and offer the focus it deserves. You will find some settings more appropriate for these rings –

  • Prong setting – This setting comes with metal claws to hold the center diamond. Generally there are four or six prongs. Prong setting allows more light to enter and the stone shines more brilliantly. The six prong setting is known as Tiffany mount, named after the company that renowned it.
  • Bezel setting – In this setting, thin sheet of metal surrounds the diamond. It ensures secure holding of diamond. Bezel setting enhances diamond beauty as they appear larger in these settings. Bezel settings are perfect for trillion cut or marquise diamonds.
  • Half bezel settings – These settings come with slit part and are better alternative in view of diamond protection and beauty.

You can choose setting from other alternatives too by taking care of enhancing diamond beauty. Besides this, you can choose diamond from huge variety of colors, shapes and clarity to make your diamond solitaire engagement rings special and unique. If you want to cheer her, nothing will impress like glorious solitaire diamond ring.
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